Waiting list for jaguar f-pace 4×4 sees sellers command a 20% premium _ this is money

Unwilling to wait: One Jaguar F-Pace fan has offered an owner £13,000 more than he originally paid for it to avoid the six-month waiting list

But of the eight used but nearly-new Jaguar F-Paces listed on AutoTrader, all are between 4 and 14 per cent more expensive than a new model, without taking into account additional options that may have been requested on purchase.

All but one are the 3.0-litre V6 diesel First Edition versions – the models first launched by Jaguar, which also happen to be the most expensive and available in the UK in a limited number of just 250.

But it’s the more modest lone 2.0-litre diesel with the most inflated value. Direct insurance locations Priced from £37,850 new, a seller is asking for £43,000 for theirs – which must be one of the first on the road in the UK.

There are currently 21 of the 2016 hard-top coupe Mustangs for sale on AutoTrader. Direct choice car insurance On average you’ll have to pay 10 per cent over the new on-the-road price to get behind the wheel

The F-Pace took a starring role in the second episode of the new Top Gear series, which added to the profile it has gained from rave reviews from testers.

And there’s further evidence suggesting people wanting to be seen in the must-have SUV are willing to pay well over the odds today instead of holding out for 2017.

Specialist-car financing firm, Magnitude Finance, told us that one of its clients was offered £13,000 more than the £65,275 asking price for their top of the range First Edition F-Pace.

Head of sales Tim Marlow, said: ‘Our clients are always among the first for all the latest new cars of interest whether that be supercars, luxury SUVs or limited run models.

‘We arrange finance for them in advance so they can place orders early and it was no surprise the F-Pace was a popular choice given it’s a car that has never been seen on the road before and it gained so much interest at the Geneva Motor Show.

‘He refused as he is a genuine car lover, had customised his car meticulously and wasn’t prepared to sell even for a substantial 20 per cent premium.

It’s not the first time the car finance group has seen activity like this. Direct insurance group It says SUVs from Jaguar’s sister-brand Land Rover and fellow sport-car-maker Porsche also saw values sky-rocket while waiting lists accumulated.

‘We saw strong residual values for the Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery and also the Porsche Macan, which was still valued at 25 per cent over the list price some two years after being launched.’

We asked Jaguar Land Rover if it had been surprised by the level of appetite for the all-new F-Pace and if there were any measures in place to speed up the production process?

‘Waiting lists will vary retailer to retailer, depending on availability and specification; approximate delivery would be between four to six months. Direct auto insurance locations This is a great start ahead of any advertising and a reflection of the strength of the demand for this new vehicle.

‘Customers love the new F-Pace, it’s the fastest selling Jaguar ever. One direct car insurance contact number It’s brought Jaguar to a whole new audience – 90 per cent of F-Pace customers are new to the Jaguar brand. Direct auto insurance contact number It’s a very exciting time for the brand.

‘Our retailers are managing the process [of delivery times] with our customers – The F-Pace is a desirable and aspirational vehicle. Auto direct car insurance There is no requirement to speed up the process.’

‘They’ve waited 50 years for it to come to the UK officially, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime purchase – with the lead time this background suggests.’

Tim Bearder, cap hpi Black Book editor, told us that there’s been a recent spate in people buying up new, in-demand cars that are subject to waiting lists – something that can last for 12 months while some wait patiently for their new wheels to be delivered.

He told us: ‘When the Land Rover Evoque launched in 2011, the dynamic styling and media hype created great demand, which pushed the right specification cars over list price straight away, this lasted well over a year, and today values are still strong.

‘Then came the Porsche Macan, a car in a slightly higher overall price bracket but with a Porsche badge, launched in 2014 with a low build rate versus the consumer desire to own one, this car hit the retail market with initial cars fetching around £5,000 over list on average, and more for the much sought after Turbo model.

‘This car has indeed set the bar, as today demand still means that most cars hitting the market for sale fetch close to what their original purchase price was when new, and over that if you are selling the Turbo which still has a very long factory order time.

‘The Jaguar F-Pace has also had a great media build up and was launched this year with the top of the range First Edition model which was a great move by Jaguar. 1 direct insurance Initial cars of this model are currently hitting the market around £3,500 over list and these are generally bought by speculators hoping to cash in on buyers eager to own the first cars having not ordered one in time.

‘It will be interesting to see if the lower specification models command anywhere near this, even with a four-month waiting list. Canadian direct insurance vancouver bc We are also seeing Ford Mustang, BMW M2 and Porsche Cayman performing above new list price due to demand and lead times.’

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