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Someone said to me recently something to the effect of, “I use a popular practice management application, but I’m not sure it makes me any more productive.” The assumption underlying that statement was that greater productivity is the primary reason to use a PM application. Repayment of student loans for nurses In fact, there are a number of good reasons. Government student loans alberta Here are 10 that come readily to mind.

• Bill more hours. Grants to pay off student loans for nurses A 2014 study by Blue Hill Research, Building A Business Case for Law Practice Management, looked at the use of PM software at 45 law firms of 50 or fewer attorneys. Student loans company uk overseas It found that lawyers using PM software reduced the time they spent on administrative and non-billable tasks by four to eight hours a month. Login to navient student loans Lawyers did not necessarily convert all of that time to billable hours.

Repayment of student loans after graduation But at smaller firms – particularly firms of fewer than five attorneys – they did, converting nearly 100 percent of that non-billable time to billable.

• Generate more revenue. Us government student loans That same Blue Hill study looked at how the increase in billable time would impact revenue. Grants to pay off student loans Assuming the cost of the PM software to be $45 a month and the average hourly rate to be $233.70, the report found that lawyers who use PM software could increase their annual revenue by $2,264 to $21,895. Pay student loans The low end would be lawyers who convert just 25 percent of saved hours to billable hours, while the high end would be those who convert 100 percent of the saved hours. Student loans compan At the high end, that is a return on investment of 4,055 percent.

• Reduce salaries and overhead. Student loans and financial aid The Blue Hill study also looked at the impact of PM software on staffing. Government student loans bc It found a median per-user reduction in staff of 40 percent. Student loans gov Assuming a median support staff salary of $59,969, that is an annual reduction in salary of $42,835 for a five-lawyer firm and of $428,350 for a 50-lawyer firm. Student loans government website That number does not include savings in overhead and corollary employee costs.

Be fully mobile. Pay federal student loans A major advantage of all of the cloud-based PM platforms over older, locally installed programs is that you can access them from anywhere on any device. Student loans government forgiveness No matter where you, whether or not you have your laptop with you, you can have full access to your matters. Login federal student loans Some PM platforms have their own native apps, such as Clio (whose new app I just reviewed) and Rocket Matter. Student loans gov help Others use mobile-optimized web apps, such as Thomson Reuters Firm Central.

• Capture more time. Login to federal student loans PM platforms help you capture more time in several ways. Student loans gov entrance counseling All of them include timers for recording your time. Student loans company login Some, such as Cosmolex and Rocket Matter, let you run multiple timers so you can switch easily among tasks without losing track of a second. Repayment of student loans for teachers Mobile apps let you record time on the road, rather than try to reconstruct it later at the office. Student loans uses LexisNexis Firm Manager touts a Money Finder feature that flags activity you haven’t billed.

• Get paid faster. Student loans repayment website PM systems help you get paid faster in two ways. Repayment of student loans calculator First, they streamline the process of generating invoices, allowing you to create invoices with literally the click (or two) of a button. Repay student loans website Second, several of them enable you to accept credit card payments – either through integrations with companies such as LawPay or directly within the platform, as MyCase does – making it easy for clients to pay your invoices. Paying off student loans fast Some platforms even embed a credit-card payment button directly in the invoice. Student loans company apply online Clio says that its users who accept credit card payments get paid 35 percent faster than those who do not.

• Avoid malpractice. Student loans government Among the most common causes of legal malpractice claims are administrative errors such as a failure to calendar a deadline or event or to use a tickler, according to a 2010 Law Practice magazine article by Dan Pinnington. Student loans company usa Conflicts of interest are also a leading cause of malpractice claims, said a 2015 article. Student loans used for rent A PM system with integrated calendaring, reminders and conflicts checking reduces your exposure for both these types of claims. Student loans us bank Some further reduce your exposure by integrating with court deadline calculators such as

• Be more secure. Paying off student loans with 401k When you use a PM system from an established, reputable PM company, you can be confident that your data is secure, both when you are using it and in its storage on the company’s servers. Student loans com On top of that, your data is typically backed up on a regular basis and in redundant locations. Student loans federal For a solo or small firm, the data security and storage you get from a PM company will generally far exceed your own internal protections.

• Stay better organized. Department of education student loans login page The key word in a practice management system is “management.” With a PM system, everything is in one place. Bankruptcy student loans All of your contacts, calendars, matters, documents, tasks and billing are available within a single interface. Student loans gov phone number Some, such as Zola Suite, even have their own email client. Website to pay federal student loans And for each matter, everything associated with that matter is kept together. Student loans company repayment Notes you make of phone calls, documents you draft, emails you send or receive, are all associated with the matter to which they relate, so you always know where to find what you need.

• Eliminate IT hassles and costs. Student loans edu gov A major benefit of a cloud-based PM system is that it eliminates IT headaches. Repayment of student loans check changes Everything runs in the cloud, so all you need is a browser. Government jobs and student loans That means no expensive hardware or upgrades. Government website for student loans No late-night calls to your IT support person. Student loans gov mpn No downtime to deploy upgrades or perform system maintenance. Repayment of student loans All of that is the PM company’s problem.

Robert Ambrogi is a Massachusetts lawyer and journalist who has been covering legal technology and the web for more than 20 years, primarily through his blog Site to pay federal student loans Former editor-in-chief of several legal newspapers, he is a fellow of the College of Law Practice Management and an inaugural Fastcase 50 honoree. Pay government student loans He can be reached by email at, and you can follow him on Twitter (@BobAmbrogi).

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