The standard – kenya_ citizen journalism _ _ lack of ideology clientelism and ignorance characterize kenya s politics

Each polity has its own system of governance and administration that it’s largely defined by the electorate. E tendering websites Though various systems of governance; democracy, autocracy, tyrannical, monarchical, are applied in several states, they are just similar but not the same.

In Kenya, the political system and hence the governance model has experienced notable changes, both positive and negative, since the dawn of independence in 1963. Meaning of tendering process Fast forward, the Kenyan political model can be viewed as an agglomeration of three layers; politics that is non-ideological, elections based on clientelism and a pool of passionately ignorant citizens.

These three factors are inter-related and in fact, one can lead to another. What is the meaning of tendering That our political system isn’t based on any profound ideology is more factual than it can actually be proven otherwise. E tendering system ppt Lack of a coherent, clear and profound political ideology has dampened the vision for a Kenyan nation.

Kenya suffers from the inadequacy of serious and selfless political leaders; whose political pragmatism is embodied in progressive philosophies. Tendring careline All this can be traced to the nature of the political parties that are skewed with amorphous ideological foundations. Selective tendering advantages and disadvantages In Kenya, politicians determine the lifespan and vibrancy of political parties. Tendering uk Ideally, political parties are the ones that are supposed to determine who will be the political leaders. Re tendering process They ought to be the breeding ground for sane politicians.

Thin ideological lines of Kenyan political parties can be illustrated through the relatively high number of defections witnessed during the electioneering period and by the ethnic composition of such outfits. Government electronic tendering service As I have documented before, I re-state that for us to try and fix our politics, it is fundamental that progressive amendments be made to the Political Parties Act. How to register for e tendering We need very few parties of which if a politically conscious citizen doesn’t subscribe to their (parties) philosophy, he/she can comfortably choose to be an independent.

The filthy state of the political parties in Kenya cannot allow for healthy political competition. Procurement and tendering process Competitors are framed and profiled as enemies and moles. Nhs tendering and procurement In this case, I am referring to political competition at the party level and at the national level during general elections. E tendering process cpwd How can we build a democratic state if the vehicles of democracy are undemocratic with rivaling factions being intolerant of the other’s ideas?

Kenya’s multi-party political dispensation is an illusion that has seriously diluted and watered down the spirit of nationhood envisaged by leaders and citizens immediately after independence. What is tendering procedure It is an insult because it fashions ethnic-oriented politics.

Our political system has a culture of clientelism that is deeply entrenched. Tendering process in construction pdf A good number of Kenya’s sons and daughters are known to have a sweet tooth for such kind of vicious politics. E tendering process pdf Why should we practice politics that is founded on a quid pro quo basis? Is it that the victims of such machinations lack the independence of the mind? Or, is it that such citizens are mired in economic misfortune that they end up taking few cents and shillings to jeopardize their future economic well-being?

Methinks that such citizens lack the independence of the mind which is the greatest danger to the existence of humanity. Selective tendering advantages Taking a bribe as a voter implies that you are choosing a politically immoral ‘leader’ at the expense of an upright individual whose leadership ability and capability is above reproach. Tendering process in procurement Voter bribery emboldens the culture of mediocrity and incompetence in political leadership.

This is one side of Kenya’s political pyramid that is starkly dark and which a good number of politicians are known to propagate. Pwd e tendering registration The electoral body has the responsibility of weeding out such politicians who enhance such acts of clientelism. Tendering and procurement However, the finality of rectifying such anomalies rests with the electorate.

There is no doubt that majority of the electorate in Kenya is passionately ignorant as far as governance is concerned. Competitive tendering Many Kenyans have chosen not to familiarize themselves with political issues by stating that such matters are for politicians. E tendering system of government of west bengal This is an ignorance warp that traps our nation hence hindering the ideal political progress of the Kenyan state.

Why should a significant majority resign itself to the manacles of self-inflicted ignorance? Political consciousness should be a way of life of the people. E tendering system The largest parties in Kenya are funded by the taxpayers and therefore an insinuation by any citizen that politics is a distraction amounts to irresponsibility.

Politics precedes economics; progressive politics begets economic prosperity, retrogressive politics cultivates economic retardation and redundancy. Process of tendering The ignorant lot, which is the critical mass, knows this but it doesn’t understand it. Tendering for government business Political ignorance leads to the election of inept political ‘leaders’. E tendering system government of kerala Choosing not to vote implies you are voting in such politicians.

Perhaps we should start deliberating about such critical issues that define our political landscape and seek for viable solutions that will guarantee socio-economic prosperity of the Kenyan state.

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