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Attempting to forecast the future of Macau Special Administrative Region (MSAR), without considering it within the framework of People’s Republic of China (China) is doomed to fail.

Inversely, perhaps what is worthy to ponder, is to anticipate the future of MSAR in the context of trend denominated “ China going global”, within the agenda of the much talked “ one belt, one road” initiative, as a substantial target for China’s foreign commercial policy.

Undeniably, the world will be a different place due to the current Chinese plans to transform worldwide flows of interconnectedness, and this fact will trigger consider global structural transformation. Trade analysis definition Definitely, modern China is entering in a phase of national renewal and reform to change its production paradigm based on the following criteria: Infrastructure, environmental sustainability, quality & competitiveness, regional stability, and inclusive social responsibility.

The year 2008 stands as a token of Chinese national revival, capitalizing on the success of the Beijing Olympics. Paperback trade fiction definition Undeniably, after a century of humiliations (1840-1940), China has learned a decisive lesson, and therefore has acquired a sense of pride, departing from the fact that CCP State policies are lifting millions out of poverty, are lessening social inequality, and are increasing the overall living standards. Global trade patterns definition China has indeed understood how to combine essential values springing out from Confucianism and Socialism, such as ancestors’ reverence and family centrality, with the crucial requirement that relates State economic empowerment to State social development. Trade test definition This line of reasoning, sets the scene, represents the long reach beacon guiding the future of MSAR, and provides sense to a dual smart formula designed by Deng Xiaoping: on the one hand, political sovereignty and economic independence are inseparable , and on the other hand, political statehood is grounded on “one country, two systems” principle.

MSAR retrocession to Chinese sovereignty is also part of national revival and therefore the negotiations concluded in 1987 with Joint Declaration of the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of the Republic of Portugal on the question of Macau, represented a tremendous opportunity to envisage the creation of an “entity” internationally relevant and nationally integrated. Trade paperback definition MSAR contribution to the national revival is more effective as it leverages a positive differentiation from regional, sub regional and national dimensions. Foreign trade effect definition Remarkably, Macau’s positive differentiation has the potential to deliver a substantial contribution to current Chinese national goals.

By the same token, in what concerns the future of MSAR, there are three pillars representing that positive differentiation: heritage, specialization, and its international status. Definition of import trade The idea of economic diversification paves the way to better understanding the future of Macau, but is has not yet been sufficiently developed. What is the definition of international trade Actually, diversification must be understood in the sense of positive differentiation, departing from the three pillars mentioned before. Trade deficits definition Furthermore, the eventual sub regional integration of MSAR in the Greater Pearl River Delta (GPRD) region does not necessary mean economic similarity. Trade press definition In fact, Macau’s positive differentiation or at the best its ability to supplement that, gives sense to the dual smart formula designed by Deng Xiaoping.

The first pillar, the Macau cultural heritage, syndicates as a driver of positive economic differentiation namely departing from following aspects:

• The official and widely spread use of the Portuguese language, and the trilingualism in businesses (Chinese, Portuguese, and English) seen as competitive advantage when compared with Hong Kong;

• The nature, the practice and the stability of the legal system and a reliable judicial system based on civil law, an advance commercial law, a competitive banking law, and a modern and flexible civil code;

MSAR must be a player capable of building confidence in the business international chess game, and its domestic law, side-by-side with advanced dispute resolution mechanisms based on multilingualism, are standing as essential tools to achieve it. Trade in value definition Moreover, this first pillar is the landmark of the Macau’s role as the “ platform” between China and the Portuguese speaking countries, and perhaps in the future, between China and all the Iberia community of States, casting a close eye to the European Union. The definition of trademark A platform has to be much more than branding and networking. Definition of trade network A platform is not a buzzword. Definition of trade barrier It must be a space of trust, reliance, partaking, facilitation, dialogue, perceptions, security, cultural identity, and partnership planning. What is the definition of tradeoff in economics A platform is an active ground to capitalize on what is shared. Definition of trade deficit All in all, this sort of platform has to be a distinguished level “surface”, on which business and services opportunities can find a long-term stand, in order to significantly contribute to “ one belt, one road” initiative.

The second pillar, the Macau business specialisation, has to be in line with the first pillar, and therefore capable of supporting it. Trade investment definition The diversification for a small open economy is inevitably a protracted process with lot of uncertainties and difficulties. Global free trade definition It involves a change in economic structure, which requires persistent and determined policy actions (Chan Sau San, 2006, page 27).

In this dimension, diversification means positive differentiation, taking advantage of regional and sub regional cooperation, as an unique economic services platform, departing from an important institutional arrangement and from tangible plans. Definition of trade restrictions In relation to the former, the following institutions are important players, in close articulation with the MSAR government:

• Business associations such as the Macau European Chamber of Commerce, Macau Association for the Promotion of Exchange between Asia-Pacific and Latin America (MAPEL), the France-Macau association, German-Macau Business Association, and the British Business Association of Macao.

In relation to the tangible plans, it seems that a clear idea about the future is governing the construction of the present, leading towards the constitution of another mega city of the planet, through the integration the GPRD. Fair trade organization definition In light of this idea, the following are standing as foundational stones:

Macau’s economy is in some way related to the three new Guangdong Experimental Free Trade Zones (EFTZ): The first, is located in the Hengqin district of Zhuhai, will act as a financial center linking the Guangzhou-Macau-Hong Kong regions. World trade center definition The second, in the Nansha district in south Guangzhou, will serve as a logistics zone. Definition of trade imbalance The third, in the Qianhai district of Shenzhen, and with the completion of railways and roads by 2020, Qianhai will be within a one-hour commuting radius of the GPRD and within a 30-minute commuting radius of Hong Kong. Balance of trade surplus definition The main arteries of traffic in the region, including the Shenzhen-Zhongshan corridor, Shenzhen Western Port, Shenzhen North Station and Guangzhou-Shenzhen Yanjiang Highway all pass through Qianhai. Post trade definition The rational of these zones is to integrate the GPRD, pulling together Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau into a single economic unit. Trade buyers definition Nevertheless, these EFTZs are not isolated examples. Definition of trade finance Likewise, China is developing similar zones in Shanghai, Fujian and Tianjin.

The outline of the Plan for the Reform and Development of the GPRD promulgated in January 2009 has consolidated the development direction of the PRD region as well as the positioning of MSAR as a world-class tourism and leisure center. Trade definition in business In June of 2009, the State Council endorsed the Overall Development Plan of Hengqin and provided favorable conditions for deepening the trade and economic collaboration between Guangdong and Macao, as well as providing new ideas for the moderate economic diversification of the city. Definition of external trade Furthermore, the signing of the Framework Agreement of Cooperation between Guangdong and Macao, the development of Hengqin Island, the construction of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the high-speed railways connecting Zhuhai to Beijing, the expansion of Hong Kong Airport, will further consolidate the close ties in the regional Guangdong-Macao-Hong Kong area, and will play a vital role in encouraging triangular reciprocation Mainland-Macao-Hong Kong, in terms of economic cooperation and social integration.

MSAR’s economic diversification through positive differentiation must take into account the following areas, under the rational of regional and sub regional, differentiated, and integrated world-class tourism and leisure center, based on economic and commercial advantages:

• Top regional educational system preparing the future generation to deal with international matters, particularly an outstanding tourism education and training sector – accreditation of education system (all levels);

• A strong political attitude towards protection of foreign direct investments, investment incentives, and the development of individual international business skills;

In this regard, the future of MSAR depends upon its ability to construct unique, strong and respected public, semi-private institutions, its aptitude to create conditions to exercise responsible media, and to develop an attitude to persistently advance individual skills, respecting the millenary traditions of the middle Empire.

The third pillar, the Macau international status, should be perceived as an instrument of the Chinese sovereignty and national unity that gives international engagement flexibility. Trade center definition Its international status gives the required elasticity to be legally different from other subjects of international law, and for that reason, leverages China’s economic role at the world stage level. Definition of trade The widely recognised Macau’s International Legal Personality, defined by its social and economic legal international capacity, stands as one of the most valuable assets to the future of Macau, as Chinese territory with the remarkable international legal characteristics. Trade character definition Likewise, the design of its International Legal Capacity as a subject of International Law, tailors a distinguished role willfully limited to the economic, cultural and social dimensions. Definition of maritime trade Indeed, this pillar has to be seen as the mechanism that reinforces the others, that makes the positive differentiation a major contribution to Chinese national unity, and above all, that credits China with another legal and political instrument, to endure a vast and comprehensive economic strategy, to explore global markets opportunities. Risk on trade definition Particularly, the MSAR participation in various international fora such as, agreements, summits, and institutions as “Macau, China”, holds an enormous potential to leverage the two previously identified pillars.

All in all, the Chinese long reach beacon gives sense and paves the way towards the future of Macau, as a unique non-sovereign territory, tailored to deliver social and economic expectations, and where Asian and Western civilisations truly need to endeavors. Service trade definition Regional and sub regional integration, differentiation, and international presence are paving the MSAR way, towards an active contribution to what President Xi Jinping clearly has put forward: the renewal of the Chinese nation is the greatest ‘ Chinese dream (中国梦)’, for the Chinese nation in modern history.

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