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It covered the VAT charged at 20 per cent on holiday essentials such as sun cream and swimming costumes. Stable currency definition VAT had been 15 per cent before being jacked by Labour and then Tory ex-chancellor George Osborne.

Tory MPs are privately putting pressure on Philip Hammond, the new Chancellor, to cut VAT in the autumn statement to provide a post-referendum shot-in-the arm to the economy. Foreign currency definition wikipedia Last night, they went public with calls for air passenger duty to be cut.

Andrew Bridgen, who has led the campaign to scrap air passenger duty, said: ‘It’s important hardworking people have the opportunity to enjoy a family holiday.

‘The high levels of tax families have to pay for on top of their flights are fundamentally unfair, especially when contrasted to the low levels of tax enjoyed by families across the rest of Europe.

‘The Scottish government has already set out plans to cut APD by half and Westminster needs to act promptly to ensure that families in the rest of the UK do not lose out.’

Tim Alderslade, of the British Air Transport Association, the trade body for UK airlines, said: ‘APD is a departure tax on the hard-pressed British traveller.

‘It is the highest levy of its kind in Europe – by a long way – and the Treasury should be upfront about why it is prepared to see families in this country pay substantially more to take a well-earned break than their counterparts in places like France or Germany.

‘Flight taxes of this kind – in the post-Brexit world – should be seen as an anomaly and the Government should follow the lead of the Scottish government and announce a major reduction sooner rather than later.’

Mary Glindon, Labour MP for North Tyneside, is one of 21 MPs to sign a parliamentary motion calling for air passenger duty to be cut. Cultural currency definition She has warned that many of her constituents will be tempted to fly from Scottish airports when the air tax is cut north of the border.

She said: ‘These tax is prohibiting families from seeing the world. Devalue currency definition It’s a disgrace. Term currency definition The Government is exploiting holidaymakers and penalising people who want to travel.’

Air passenger duty is a lucrative source of income, raising more than £3 billion a year. Currency fluctuation definition The Treasury will also collect £3.1billion from insurance premium tax this year and an estimated £5billion in 2020.

James Daley, of the consumer website Fairer Finance, said: ‘Holidaymakers really are being attacked from all sides with rip off charges from companies and high taxes.’

Government insiders say no decisions will be taken on tax cuts or other spending decisions until later in the year, when the full impact of the referendum on the economy is clear.

A Treasury spokesman said: ‘Air passenger duty has been frozen for most passengers since 2012. Definition of foreign currency Alongside this, children under 16 are now exempt from paying APD and the cost of flying to many long-haul destinations has been cut.

Britons going abroad are also reeling from the fall in the value of the pound against the euro and the dollar in the wake of the Brexit vote on June 23.

Hotels, airlines and supermarkets are raking in hundreds of millions of pounds from unsuspecting tourists by inviting them to pay in pounds overseas.

Known as dynamic currency conversion, the ruse happens at the till in popular destinations such as Spain, France and Italy when someone uses a credit or debit card.

Among the firms based abroad which levy the charge are small shops, major supermarkets, airlines, car hire firms such as Europcar, and banks including Santander.

Hotels, airlines and supermarkets are raking in hundreds of millions of pounds from unsuspecting tourists by inviting them to pay in pounds overseas

The retailer will then use its own exchange rate and fees when it converts the transaction from the local currency to sterling. Home currency definition This is typically far higher than would be charged by the customer’s own bank.

According to an analysis conducted for the Mail, a family of four taking a typical fortnight-long holiday abroad could effectively be hit with a bill for an extra £427.

The amount British tourists are losing in these charges has ballooned by 26 per cent in a year to £380 million, said the currency firm FairFX.

Ian Strafford-Taylor, chief executive of FairFX, said: ‘Dynamic currency conversion is often nothing but a hyper-inflated rip-off, duping holidaymakers to pay unnecessary fees and accepting unfavourable exchange rates.

‘The worst part is that the holidaymakers are actually trying to get the best deal but instead, are losing out and, as a nation, we’re being fleeced to the tune £380 million each year.’

The rip-off’s explosive growth has been sparked by contactless technology, which allows customers to pay for an item by tapping their debit or credit card on a terminal instead of having to enter a PIN.

James Daley, managing director at consumer website Fairer Finance, said: ‘The key thing is not to pay in pounds if you are offered the opportunity to do so.

‘If you pay in the local currency, at least you know you are only being charged your own bank’s fees. Foreign currency exchange definition And if you are taking credit cards with you, it can be virtually nothing.’

Analysis by currency firm Caxton found that a family of four could be hit with a £427 bill if they paid in pounds every time they were invited to pay in pounds, and hit with a 5 per cent fee, over two weeks in Spain.

Santander said it offered British customers the chance to pay in pounds. Transaction currency definition Europcar said many holidaymakers requested to be charged in their own currency, which was why it made the option available.

Extra costs for satellite navigation systems, car seats and excess insurance can double the price of hiring a car, an investigation has revealed.

According to the report by the insurer icarhireinsurance, renting a family car at Milan Airport from Europcar costs £442 – but extras take the price to a staggering £872.

These companies are pressuring customers into taking out rip-off insurance costing up to £30 a day by threatening them with huge bills of up to £2,500 if they are involved in an accident.

‘You can often bring your own child seat, use free sat nav apps or buy vastly cheaper excess insurance to slash the cost and stop the profiteering.’

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