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Students at King Career Center experienced a localized version of the television show, “Shark Tank,” as Anchorage business leaders evaluated the student-run, KCC-based ventures hawking everything from t-shirts and hoodies, to snacks to smoothies, to bath products and waffle kits. Low investment high profit business ideas Students present their ideas and judges determine which ones are worthy receive their “economic” support.

The sharks — more technically referred to professional volunteers who are also members of the advisory board for the KCC Entrepreneurial and Enterprise classroom — weren’t actually pulling out their own green backs to help students “start-up” their businesses.

High profit business in india 2012 Instead, they doled out “Pondolfino bucks.” Each $5 “buck” sports the face of school Principal Lou Pondolfino printed in the middle.

They are downright valuable at this mid-way point in the semester when students in Ray Voley’s entrepreneurial course begin week one of six working their business at school. What is a high profit margin They need supplies — i.e. Highest profit margin products on ebay product to sell such as chips and cookies that meet the district’s nutritional guidelines or smoothie mix or tea products or blank sweatshirts and t-shirts. Low capital high profit business Since their business is brand new, they have the same problem most start-ups in the real world face: no cash flow and no assets in hand.

“This is a quick whirlwind tour of the business world,” Voley said as he prepped the sharks for the first round of student presentations. Low risk high profit business “They get to actually experience it, versus just reading about it.”

Juniors and seniors, who come from the various Anchorage School District high schools to KCC for career training, form groups ranging from three to five partners most often with students they’ve never worked with before.

Participants have to agree on a business proposition, research its feasibility among the rest of the KCC student population and staff, figure out how much to charge to not just break-even, but also make a profit, and then determine pricing.

Just as on the television show, the business teams come before the KCC sharks asking for a specific amount of start-up money then they show support documentation to make their case.

And just like on the show, the “sharks” ask a lot of questions. Business ideas with low investment and high profit Lindsay Williams, owner of the Midnight Sun Café & Coffee House asked if the participants representing Fireweed Threads had any experience in screen printing.

Allan Carraway, of the Alaska Small Business Development Center asked if they had included ink spoilage in expense projections. High profit business opportunities Joe Morrison, of Biz Consulting asked the team from TeAroma — a high end tea and bath products company aimed at creating an experience for drinkers of high quality teas at an affordable price — if perhaps their bottom-end price of $2.50 per 16-ounce drink was too far below market value.

But unlike the television show, an atmosphere of friendliness and learning prevailed rather than the near-snarky intimidation sometimes hallmarking the popular show.

The “sharks” indicated support for the students — encouraging them to find creative marketing schemes, cut their costs and offer the best value for their customers.

One group plans to post flyers on lockers at their home schools. Business with high profit Another team has a full-blown social media campaign complete with a Facebook page of its products and Twitter posts of its specials.

At the presentation, there were plenty of cameras, putting the teams in the spotlight. Today high profit shares It wasn’t professional camera men working to get the best angles, but instead it was proud moms and dads with their cell phones capturing every moment of their child’s first strides in to the business world.

Statistics show, about half of the jobs available in today’s work place are in the small business marketplace. Best business ideas with low investment with high profit This is a talking point Voley drives home to his students, but it isn’t the main gist of his classroom. Low budget high profit business Instead, he seeks to teach his students how to work with others, to respect the ideas and opinions of others that are different from their own, and to overcome failure.

“All business people fail at multiple points in their lives,” Voley said. High profit products to sell “I want my students to understand that anything worthwhile requires risk, and the possibility of failure. Low investment high profit business in bangalore Don’t let failure define you. Low investment and high profit business Reject rejection and keep moving.”

For this spring semester, Voley is pretty sure his students have started winning ventures. High profit margin industries This marks the third semester the program has been in business, he said, and the ideas being pursued by this semester’s group mirror what is available on the economy outside the school’s walls.

There is a group of four students called Unlawful Waffles selling the breakfast concoction complete with a selection of berries and other yummy toppings.

Another group of five, called King’s Convenience, sets up their store in the afternoon, where students bused from across the district enter the building. High profit items to sell They have a variety of snacks, pens and pencils and headphones — all items high school students consume at high volume.

“Usually, I get a little nervous when I have five guys get together,” Voley joked. High profit shares But with a more serious follow-up, he said, “But those guys are the real deal. High profit crafts They have put together a terrific business plan and work well together. Low cost high profit business I think the sky is the limit for them.”

At the end of six weeks of sales, each of the KCC-based businesses divests. Low cost high profit shares The “business owners” write up an “annual report” for the sharks to review upon their return when the “sharks” get to see how well their investments of “P bucks” were used.

The “sharks” will get to review profit and loss statements. Small business with high profit margin in india They will also quiz the student participants on what they have learned running a business. Low investment high profit business in kerala The “sharks” will also get to hear about charitable donations made by the student businesses — an activity Voley encourages each student business to do just as business out in the “real” world does.

“They learn that business is a powerful force that can impact change,” he said. High profit agriculture business in india “And hopefully in this class we have future business owners who are willing to take chances.”

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