Six tricks you need to know to cut your energy bills _ this is money

Shrewd consumers can take advantage of this by reviewing deals every year to ensure they are on the cheapest deal. Insurance direct inc Even moving every other year will save you significant amounts.

If you are one of the millions of people who have NEVER switched (i.e. Direct auto insurance fax number stuck with your original supplier), then you should save a big chunk of cash. Insurance direct salvage A tenth of switchers saved £616 in the first half of 2016, according to energyhelpline.

You only need to be interested in the tariff that is going to be cheapest where you live, so do your own postcode comparison in minutes using the tool above – or here – to find the best price.

Energy companies have started offering exclusive deals to new customers again.

Direct insurance nashville The regulator had banned this practice but did a U-turn in the summer.

At present, EDF Energy and Eon bar existing customers from signing up to cheap deals. Direct auto insurance nashville tn Eon’s top tariff for new customers — its Saver Plus Fixed 1 Year v5 Paperless deal — costs on average £799. One insurance direct Its cheapest deal on offer to existing customers is the Fixed 2 Year v9 Paperless Billing deal at £1,014.

If you tell the comparison website that you are an EDF Energy customer, for example, all EDF Energy deals for new customers will be omitted from the search results.

If you’re refused, switch supplier. Dial direct car insurance number Beware that some deals will only be available online and not over the telephone. Direct choice insurance services You may also be required to sign up for paperless bills.

Until the summer, energy companies were allowed to offer a maximum of four different tariffs. Phone number for direct line car insurance But in a bid to boost competition and choice, they are now free to offer as many as they like.

For example, Eon has a top one-year fixed deal costing £799, but to get it customers must sign up via a website such as Energyhelpline or Moneysupermarket.

If you don’t use the internet then you can call and ask for a comparison over the phone. Open and direct car insurance Try Energyhelpline on 0800 074 0745 or uSwitch on 0800 6888 557.

■ Washing up in a bowl instead of under a running tap will also save you £30 a year, while only filling up the kettle with the water you need will net you £7, and turning the lights off every time you leave the room a further £15.

■ Spend one minute less in the shower each day and you’ll save £10 a year — £40 a year for a family of four. Direct auto insurance customer service And if you cut your washing down by one load a week, you’ll save another £5.

■ Draught-proof windows, doors and any cracks in the floors or skirting board to save around £30 a year. One call direct car insurance You don’t have to spend a lot to make a difference. Auto direct car insurance phone number B&Q has reduced its draught excluders to £3.

Usually, if you’re on a fixed deal, you’re blocked from switching to a better offer until the end of the term. Can direct insurance This is likely to be anything from one to three years.

But our research found fixed deals have come down in price so much in the past three years that, in many cases, it is now worth paying to get out early.

A typical customer who signed up to Scottish Power’s Help Beat Cancer Fixed Price Energy tariff in 2013, for example, is currently paying around £1,066 a year for gas and electricity.

However, if customers were to pay the £50 exit fee to leave early and switch to the cheapest Flex 12 month Fixed deal from Iresa costing £744 a year, they would still save £322 over the course of the next year, according to research by energy switching firm Flipper.

Customers who locked into Eon’s two-year fixed tariff v6 in 2015, costing £1,085, could save £341 by switching to the same Iresa deal — even after taking into account the £20 exit fee.

Money Mail regularly reminds you to claim back any credit you’ve built up in your energy account. Canadian direct auto insurance quote This typically happens when your monthly direct debit payment is set too high for the amount of power you use.

As we head into winter you’re almost certain to use more power:you’ll have the heating on more often and the lights will work overtime in the dark mornings and evenings.

In this case, you should ask for a portion back and set a reminder to contact your supplier for a refund of any remaining surplus when you turn the heating off in the spring.

Now is also the time to call your firm with an up-to-date meter reading. Call direct auto insurance Endeavour to do this every month from now on so as to ensure your bills are as accurate as possible over the winter. Direct auto insurance claims This will help avoid a shock bill from landing on your doormat in the spring.

From next year, if you fail to switch tariffs at least once every three years, your details will be put onto a marketing list that all suppliers can access. Direct insurance marketing inc They will then be able to bombard you with junk mail whenever they like.

They can only send you offers through the post — they cannot call or email you. Canadian direct insurance problems But if each supplier sends you an offer in the post every month, that’s still 528 pieces of junk mail to deal with each year.

If you do not want to receive post from energy firms, then you can opt out. Direct auto insurance hours Watch out for a letter from your current supplier asking if you’d like to receive ‘personalised deals’.

This is your opportunity to say ‘no’ to junk mail. Canadian direct insurance quote Make sure you reply saying you do not want personalised deals. Direct auto insurance reviews If you don’t reply, then your details will automatically be added to the database.

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