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A mother-of-three who became a sugar baby while fleeing an abusive relationship insists that she will support her children if they one day decide to follow in her footsteps — but she is making sure they will never financially need to do so.

Samantha, 24, from Tuscon, Arizona, is one of the the fifteen finalists in the 2017 Sugar Baby of the Year contest hosted by Seeking Arrangement, a dating site that pairs attractive young women with wealthy older men who will financially care for them.

‘This site has been such a blessing,’ she told Daily Mail Online. Direct student loan processing center ‘My biggest fear was having to return to the abusive situation because of financial reasons. Canada student loans I knew this would not benefit me or my children in the long run, so I had to make major changes.

Moving on: The mom told Daily Mail Online that joining the sugar baby dating site Seeking Arrangement enabled her to financially support her kids after leaving an abusive relationship

Samantha, who works as a housekeeper part-time, said being a sugar baby is her main source of income because she feels having a full-time job would keep her away from her children for too long.

According to the mom, the biggest misconception about Seeking Arrangement is that people ‘unfairly assume it falls in the lines of prostitution’.

Samantha said her family and friends are aware that she is Sugar Baby, and she admitted that her mother figured it out before she even told her.

‘It was pretty obvious,’ she said. Government student loans south africa ‘I date more than I work, but I’m financially capable of raising my little ones and can afford my own home. Student loans company apply It was a dead give away.’

The aspiring psychologist said she will always always be honest and open with her children, and while she will ‘love them unconditionally’ if they ever opt to become sugar babies, she doesn’t see any reason why they would need to.

Seeking Arrangement is offering this year’s winner of its annual Sugar Baby of the Year competition a role as a brand ambassador, the cover of the 2017 Sugar Baby Calendar, and a cash prize of $10,000.

‘The crown offers a platform for these women, either to promote their businesses or personal brand, gain attention and funding for a cause, charity, or organization they work with,’ company spokesperson, Angela Jacob Bermudo told Daily Mail Online.

Another finalist, Candice, 27, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, credits the dating site with helping her pay her law school tuition in full, admitting that it is her main source of income.

Debt-free: Candice, 26, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania credits the controversial dating site with helping her pay her law school tuition in full

‘I’ve found that men on Seeking Arrangement enjoy providing financial assistance especially when they know it’s going toward education and helping to fulfill career goals,’ Candice told Daily Mail Online.

Candice insisted that she has only been with men who are 40 or younger because she needs to have a physical attraction and chemistry with the men she is seeing.

‘Sometimes people think the men on Seeking Arrangement can only be 75 for some reason and then misconstrue why a younger woman is with them,’ she said.

The recent law school graduate said she isn’t worried that being a sugar baby will negatively impact her career in any way because her dating life is separate from her work — although she admits that people tend to be judgmental about it.

Candice stressed that the physical aspects of her relationships have had a national progression, and she definitely sees marriage and babies in her near future.

Feeling confident: The aspiring lawyer insists that she doesn’t see being a sugar baby affecting her career in any way because her dating life is separate from her work

Meanwhile, Jeannie, 23, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has relied on the dating site to help her get through many difficult times, including heart surgery in 2015 and the destruction of her home.

‘After my home was destroyed in the flood, I definitely wasn’t able to go on as many dates,’ she said. Government loans student ‘I lost my car as well so I had no transportation. Paying off student loans Luckily, thanks to the website, I had formed a relationship with a wonderful man who helped me out as much as he could.’

Jeannie said she hates ‘going into a relationship as any sort of dependent’, but the men on the site are ‘very understanding’, and while there have been times that being a sugar baby was her main source of income, she tries to have other projects she is working on in order to maintain her independence.

‘The biggest misconception is that I’m an escort — which isn’t true at all,’ she stressed. Repaying student loans ‘As far as I’m concerned, I have had some sort of relationship with each guy I’ve met on the site. Department of education student loans It has never been a “pay for play” type situation.’

Nyasha, 26, from Baltimore, Maryland, said the best part of being a sugar baby is ‘having someone in your life that invests in you for the betterment of your life’.

The model, who walked in Kanye West’s Yeezy 4 show in September, admitted that she initially joined Seeking Arrangement to look after her friend who was on it, but she eventually became a sugar baby as well.

Nyasha started Save a Homeless Homie organization to help build shelters for homeless youth and young adults in Baltimore after she was evicted from her home.

Charitable: Nyasha said her organization was able to deliver 100 meals to the homeless ‘primarily thanks to monetary donations from sugar daddies’

Although she said being a sugar baby hasn’t benefited her modeling career in any significant way, last year’s benefit dinner for her foundation delivered 100 meals to the homeless ‘primarily thanks to monetary donations from sugar daddies’.

For this year’s Sugar Baby of the Year competition, Seeking Arrangement narrowed the contest down to fifteen finalists, including Samantha, Candice, Jeannie, and Nyasha after receiving thousands of submissions.

When choosing the finalists, Angela said the team at Seeking Arrangement considered their back stories and journeys to becoming sugar babies, their future goals, and their level of attractiveness.

According to Angela, women who are ambitious, self-confident, resourceful, and empathetic tend to make successful sugar babies, and fans of the contestants can check out their individual bios and cast their votes for their favorites before the winner is crowned on November 28.

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