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Even had there been no news in Megyn Kelly’s new memoir, “Settle for More,” the book would have drawn a considerable audience. Pay direct auto insurance online Ms. Direct insurance services Kelly, the 45-year-old anchor on Fox News, has emerged as this presidential election’s unlikely feminist heroine and Hildy Johnson, the intrepid gal reporter who made herself indispensable to the brass and resisted the herd mentality of the men around her. Dial direct insurance contact details She was the hen in the Fox house, taking it upon herself to ask at nearly every turn: Shouldn’t we be concerned that the Republican nominee for president is profoundly disrespectful of women in his public discourse? And accused of being a sexual predator at that?

That man, Donald J. Direct canada insurance Trump, is now America’s president-elect. Western direct insurance After reading Ms. Direct auto insurance number Kelly’s book, scheduled to be published on Tuesday but obtained early by The New York Times, I must say I feel nervous for her. Motor direct insurance According to her book, Mr. Direct insurance claims Trump did not take kindly to Ms. Western canadian direct insurance Kelly’s questions, and he appeared to retaliate in creepy, personal ways. Direct one insurance Many journalists are already concerned that he has little regard for their professional responsibilities or First Amendment rights.

Metropolitan direct auto insurance address “Settle for More” won’t allay their fears.

Ms. Direct auto insurance commercial Kelly writes that her problems started in August, the Monday before the first Republican presidential primary debate. Auto direct insurance quote She had just done a segment on her show, “The Kelly File,” that infuriated Mr. Direct insurance company claims Trump. Phone number for dial direct car insurance He refused to make his own scheduled appearance on her show unless she phoned him personally.

Her story becomes more byzantine. Auto direct car insurance contact number On the day of the debate, Ms. Aig direct insurance services inc Kelly writes, she woke up feeling great. Direct online insurance uk Then an overzealous, suspiciously enthusiastic driver picked her up to take her to the convention center. Canada direct insurance He insisted on getting her coffee, though she’d repeatedly declined his offer. Candian direct insurance Once it was in her hand, she drank it. Direct insurance careers And within 15 minutes, she was violently ill, vomiting so uncontrollably that it was unclear if she’d be able to help moderate that evening. Direct insurance login It was so bad that she kept a trash pail beneath her desk throughout the debate, just in case.

Ms. Open and direct car insurance derry Kelly never says outright that someone tried to poison her. Phone number for hastings direct car insurance (A stomach bug was going around, she notes.) But the episode spooked her enough that she shared it later with Roger Ailes and a lawyer friend of his. Professionals direct insurance company grand rapids Foul play? Again: She reports. Direct insurance company phone number You decide.

As we all know, Mr. Auto direct insurance contact number Trump did unleash his beautiful Twitter account on Ms. Auto direct insurance reviews Kelly after that debate, and it threatened to upend her life. Canadian direct auto insurance calgary He called her “overrated,” “angry,” “crazy” and “a bimbo”; he went on CNN with Don Lemon, opposite her show’s time slot, and said there was blood coming out of her eyes, “blood coming out of her wherever.” (My favorite response to this: Katie Couric wrote Ms. Canadian direct insurance vs icbc Kelly a note asking: “Are you O.K.? Do you need some Tampax?”)

The hectoring went on for weeks. Call direct line car insurance from abroad “Every time Trump acted up,” Ms. Canadian direct insurance claims Kelly writes, “it was like he flipped a switch, instantly causing a flood of intense nastiness.” Ms. Flux direct car insurance number Kelly’s voice mail box filled with invective and obscenities. Canadian direct auto insurance reviews People phoned in death threats. Direct auto insurance call center Ms. Canadian direct insurance contact Kelly’s young daughter asked her what a bimbo was; a suspicious man showed up in the lobby of her apartment building; her family took an armed guard to Disney World.

It didn’t help that Mr. Call direct line car insurance Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen retweeted this message from a Trump supporter: “#boycottmegynkelly @realDonaldTrump we can gut her.”

Part of Mr. What is direct insurance Trump’s response seemed like that of a man betrayed: Months before announcing his candidacy, he had tried hard to curry Ms. Open and direct car insurance newtownards Kelly’s favor. Direct insurance hours He sent her notes, including a laudatory comment scrawled across her picture in The New York Times Magazine. Phone number for direct general insurance (When Vanity Fair reported this, Mr. Direct line car insurance number Trump denied it; Ms. Auto direct home insurance contact Kelly includes proof, a picture.) Ms. Direct line car insurance contact number uk Kelly and her husband declined an invitation to Mar-a-Lago, Mr. Call hastings direct car insurance Trump’s fabled estate in Palm Beach, Fla. Canadian direct insurance ontario Then Mr. Direct car insurance phone number Trump tried, repeatedly and unsuccessfully, to persuade her to let him pick up the tab for the weekend she spent with two girlfriends at the Trump SoHo hotel.

“This is actually one of the untold stories of the 2016 campaign,” Ms. Auto direct uk car insurance Kelly writes. Direct travel insurance contact number “I was not the only journalist to whom Trump offered gifts clearly meant to shape coverage. Quote direct insurance Many reporters have told me that Trump worked hard to offer them something fabulous — from hotel rooms to rides on his 757.”

Usually, if a presidential candidate impugns the integrity of a journalist, the head of the news organization rushes to his or her employee’s defense. Direct line insurance reviews But Fox is no regular news organization, and Mr. United direct insurance Ailes was no ordinary boss. Direct insurance reviews “Every time he started in,” Ms. Direct auto insurance payment Kelly writes of Mr. Call direct insurance Trump, “I’d get a call from Roger (who was getting calls from Trump). Direct insurance corporate office Was I being fair to Trump? Was I being too hard on him? He felt the bar for skeptical Trump coverage should be higher.”

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