Prosper ceo resigns, another sign of marketplace lending woes

This past spring, Prosper Marketplace CEO Aaron Vermut volunteered to forego his salary for a year, as the online lender, once valued at $1.9 billion, prepared to lay off 28% of its workforce. Malaysia licensed money lender association Investor demand for Prosper’s loans had evaporated and losses were mounting.

But that sacrificial gesture wasn’t enough. Grasping money lender Vermut resigned as CEO last week, the company said Monday, and will be replaced by CFO David Kimball.

The news is yet another sign that online lending companies remain in turbulent waters following the scandal that engulfed market leader Lending Club in May. Singapore money lender association AOC

• The two hijackers who forced a Libyan passenger jet to land in Malta and threatened to blow up the plane are now being questioned by Maltese authorities, CNN reports. Money tree loan interest rates All passengers and crew were released by the hijackers.

• The University of Michigan’s closely watched consumer sentiment survey showed consumer confidence rose 4.7% from last month to a 13-year high, the Wall Street Journal reports. A new WSJ/NBC News poll found that 42% of respondents say they believe the economy will get better over the coming year.

• The Electronic Frontier Foundation and other tech advocacy groups asked the Supreme Court yesterday to strike down a North Carolina law banning social media use by registered sex offenders. Money lender definition The groups argue the law is a violation of free speech.

• Digitimes reports that the company making chips for next year’s iPads, TSMC, has hit problems churning out enough chips that pass performance and reliability tests. Licensed money lender singapore This, the report says, might delay Apple’s launch, which is rumored to be next March.

• The Atlantic has a fun and timely read about the Frank Capra holiday favorite It’s a Wonderful Life, and its portrayal of “good” and “bad” banking. How to become a private money lender MS

We started out the week with disturbing news about a major Russian ad-fraud scheme—ominously called ” Methbot”—that has been using phony URLs and a bot farm to inflate video views to the tune of 300 million fake impressions a day.

Now we just learned that Twitter has been overcharging advertisers by as much as 35% for video ads due what the company called a ” technical error.” According to Business Insider, Twitter has issued refunds.

Of course, all of this follows a slew of metrics mishaps from Facebook, which has copped to discrepancies on four separate occasions over the last few months. Singapore money lender act Most recently, the company said iPhone traffic for Instant Articles was being undercounted.

The video discrepancies are especially concerning given that many newsrooms are pouring more resources into video with the hope that the premium ad rates video commands can offset CPM declines for traditional digital display advertising.

• After fighting with regulators in its hometown of San Francisco, Uber has decided to relocate one of its self-driving car tests to Arizona. Money lender license hk The company said today its cars are shipping to Arizona now. Hard money lender list Meanwhile, the state’s governor, Doug Ducey, said he is waiting with open arms.

• Authorities in Australia have arrested seven people they say were planning a series of Christmas Day bomb attacks in Melbourne, Bloomberg reports. Licensed money lender interest rate The men were reportedly inspired by ISIS.

• The latest MacBook Pro is the first MacBook to not get a recommendation from Consumer Reports, 9to5Mac points out. How to become a private lender with no money The model is said to suffer from significant battery-life issues.

• The parent company of Billboard magazine and the Hollywood Reporter has acquired the music assets of SpinMedia, which include Vibe and Stereogum, in addition to Spin. Best money lender in singapore The company is calling it the ” world’s largest music brand.” Spin magazine folded its print edition in 2012; Vibe’s folded in 2014. Money lender singapore review CZ

In a move billed as another tool in the fight against terrorism, the U.S. Licensed money lender tampines government has quietly begun asking visitors from a number of countries who plan to stay up to 90 days to provide authorities with their social media accounts upon arrival, Politico reported Thursday.

The initiative, which took effect Tuesday, has been fiercely opposed by privacy advocates. The moneylender and his wife It asks the visitors to optionally provide their account IDs for services like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even Google+.

The reviews are pouring in, and they’re all bad. Licensed money lender association New York’s Hunter College is the target of intense social media outrage today after one of its associate professors was reportedly involved in an incident with Ivanka Trump on a JetBlue flight at JFK airport. Money lender jurong After the professor tweeted that his husband chased down Ivanka and Jared Kushner to “harass them” on the flight, backlash was swift. The best money lenders The professor’s tweet and entire Twitter account soon disappeared, but by then it was too late: Screenshots of the tweet were already ricocheting across the internet and stoking the ire of Trump supporters everywhere.

With little information to go on, the professor’s workplace (Hunter College was listed in his Twitter bio), became the obvious target. Private money lenders interest rates Within hours, the school’s Facebook page had hundreds of one-star reviews. Money lender law To many of the critics, the offending tweet seemed to confirm their well-entrenched belief that American colleges are bastions of liberal hypocrisy, where tolerance is preached but not practiced. Singapore money lender license “[A]nother example of the liberal left’s attempt at bullying,” reads one comment.

We reached out to Hunter for a comment but have not heard back. Money lender license Worth noting is that, by some accounts, Trump was not actually harassed on the flight, but rather the professor’s husband was agitated by her being there. Online money lender reviews Read more about the incident here.

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