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The escalation of airline fees began in 2008, when the cost of fuel doubled to around $4 a gallon. Low investment business with high profit To cover that cost, airlines began charging fees above and beyond the cost of the ticket, for things that used to be free, like drinks and checked bags. High profit selling Then, in 2009, the IRS made a fateful ruling, that those add-on fees were not subject to the Air Transportation Excise Tax, a 7.5% tax that goes toward improving airline technology and safety. High profit business ideas As long as those fees were not included in the actual price of the ticket, the airlines could avoid paying that tax on the revenue. High profit greenhouse crops The airlines, thus incentivized by the IRS, were off and running, and the expansion of fees followed quickly. High profit business in malaysia After years of post-9/11 poverty, when some airlines were forced into bankruptcy, and employees were laid off or forced to accept drastic pay and benefit cuts, good times began to roll.

By 2015, airlines were taking in almost $4 billion in baggage fees, and another $3 billion in reservation change fees. High profit margin products to sell on ebay Spirit Airlines, one of the worst fee offenders, took in $668 million in non-ticket revenue in 2013, going from an average of about $2 per passenger to an average of $50 per passenger.

Low investment business with high profit in india In all, U.S. High profit margin foods airlines pulled in $11 billion in fees last year.

1. High profit margin products to sell online Checked bag fee. In days past, airlines checked bags for free. Low investment high profit business in pakistan No more. Business with small investment and high profit Today, the rule, rather than the exception, is to charge for your first checked bag, and then charge you even more for every additional bag. Small scale business with high profit Of our major airline carriers, only Southwest Air gives you a freebie on the first bag. Low overhead high profit business The others will charge anywhere from $25 to $50 for the first bag, and up to $60 for the second bag. High profit business ideas india Now, some airlines are charging a transfer fee for checked baggage, especially if you bought the tickets separately, an increasingly popular way to save money.

3. Business with low investment and high profit Carry-on bag fee. If you think you can avoid the checked bag fee by sticking to a single carry-on bag, think again. High profit plants Some airlines, like Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines, charge you a fee, as much as $100, for carry-on luggage.

4. High profit small business ideas 2013 Overhead compartment fee. Then there is the wily airline that gives you a free carry-on bag, but charges you if you use the overhead storage compartment. High profit margin business india Store it under your seat or pay.

5. High profit online business ideas Food/snack/drink fee. Once upon a time, airlines served meals on long flights. Business with low overhead high profit Not necessarily good meals, mind you, but at least you knew that a long five- or six-hour flight across the country didn’t include a grumbling stomach. High profit business for sale Most airlines today have eliminated full meals on domestic flights. Business ideas with low investment and high profit in hindi In their stead, the airlines (though not all of them) provide tiny bags of peanuts or pretzels. High profit companies If you’re lucky you will get a free non-alcoholic beverage. Items to sell with high profit margins Don’t push it, though. Low risk high profit business ideas If you want more peanuts or pretzels, or another Coke, it might cost you anywhere from $3 to $10. Low cost business ideas with high profit An alcoholic drink will set you back $6 to $10.

6. Low investment high profit business in chennai Blanket fee. Remember when you could get a blanket and pillow to make yourself more comfortable? Now JetBlue will charge you $7 for a set, but hey, you get to keep it.

7. Small business high profit Reservation fee. If you have long legs and prefer an exit aisle for the additional legroom, or need an aisle seat because you like to get up and stretch during a flight, be prepared to pay for the privilege. High profit small business ideas Where once you could reserve your seat in advance, many airlines now charge you for the privilege of avoiding the dreaded middle seat. High profit products to sell on ebay Seats designated as “preferred” can now cost an extra fee of as much as $299 (looking at you, United Airlines).

If you are traveling with your family, or a group of friends, and you want to sit together, don’t assume you will be able to. High profit business At least not for free. Low price high profit shares Unless you are a member of the airline’s “loyalty” program, the airline decides where you sit. High profit margin products in india If you insist on making sure you are together with your loved ones, you will need to reserve in advance…for a fee of course, upward of $50.

8. Low investment high profit business ideas Priority-seating fee. If you are traveling with children and want to get them settled in their seats early, or you wish to avoid the mad stampede to the gate, priority seating is for you. High profit business in india 2012 Just be ready to pay up to $40 extra for the benefit. What is a high profit margin (Even a well-ranked airlines like Southwest charges $15.)

9. Highest profit margin products on ebay Booking fee. If you book your flight online, chances are there is no fee for doing so. Low capital high profit business But woe to you if you book by phone, or in some cases, even in person. Low risk high profit business That sin will cost you anywhere from $25 to $35.

10. Business ideas with low investment and high profit Change/cancellation fee. Unexpectedly have to cancel or change your flight? Unless it is within 24 hours of the booking, it will probably cost you up to $200 to cancel or change the reservation. High profit business opportunities Airlines will even charge you to change to an earlier flight if you arrive at the airport early, there is an earlier flight to the same place, and there are unsold tickets on that flight.

11. Business with high profit Wifi fee. Wifi for your iPad or laptop will probably cost you up to $20. Today high profit shares (They will also probably charge you for the ear buds just to listen to music, so make sure you bring your own.)

12. Best business ideas with low investment with high profit Pet fee. Not all airlines will accommodate pets, but if they do, they are considered passengers and it will cost you. Low budget high profit business If your pet is small enough to fit in a carrier under your seat, look for fees anywhere from $95 to $175. High profit products to sell If your pet is larger and you need to store your animal pal in cargo, it will cost from $100 to $225.

With money pouring into airline coffers, and most of it not making it back into consumer pockets, Congress has taken interest in addressing the problem. Low investment high profit business in bangalore Aiming to eliminate fees, “that are unreasonable or disproportional to the costs incurred by the air carrier,” senators Ed Markey and Richard Blumenthal introduced the Forbidding Airlines from Imposing Ridiculous Fees Act (or the FAIR Fees Act) this year.

“Airlines fees are as high as the planes passengers are traveling on, and it’s time to stop their rapid ascent,” Senator Markey proclaimed. Low investment and high profit business Baggage fees and change/cancellation fees are specifically targeted in the proposed law, but other fees would be looked at also. High profit margin industries George Slover, senior policy counsel at Consumers Union noted that, “Many add-on fees have reached a point where they are essentially a back-door fare increase. High profit items to sell This legislation aims to put some reasonable standards in place for these kinds of fees.”

In 2015, the new airline GLO opened for business, and one of its main calling cards is no add-on fees. High profit shares No baggage fees, no seat reservation fees, no food fees. High profit crafts Airline founder Trey Fayard told USA Today, “We didn’t think nickel-and-diming for something like bags was the way to go.” Although GLO is just a small regional carrier, should it succeed, it may open up possibilities for future similar efforts.

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