Piers morgan_ i won’t be shedding too much blood, sweat and tears for boris johnson _ daily mail online

I’m out: Boris Johnson’s announcement that he will not enter the race to succeed David Cameron is the latest astonishing twist in a truly extraordinary few days of utter mayhem

He’s a PR-driven, disloyal charlatan with the ideology of a lobotomised warthog and thoroughly deserves to be dumped on the Prime Ministerial scrapheap.

As for Jeremy Corbyn, it’s become increasingly excruciating to see him cling to the Labour leadership like a determinedly demented, gnarled old limpet.

Never has Britain more urgently needed a proper, effective opposition to stand up for the people against a government in complete disarray at a time of national crisis – and never has the current leader of such opposition been so embarrassingly weak and ineffectual.

A man able to recite fluent Latin, quote Greek gods at length, play a very competent cover drive on a cricket field and seduce a beautiful woman as fast as he pours her a glass of Chablis.

(When the then Tory leader Michael Howard sacked Boris in 2004, for fibbing about his extra-marital antics, I told the adulterous miscreant my favourite joke about him: ‘A new poll asked 10,000 women if they wanted to have sex with you, and 8,567 said: “Never again, no”.’ Boris roared with laughter.)

He modestly sees himself as the new Churchill; a journalist, writer, bon viveur, world class wit, drinker, loquacious speaker and inspirational leader.

‘He was eccentric, over the top, camp, with his own special trademark clothes — and a thoroughgoing genius… From his very emergence as a young Tory MP he had bashed and satirised his own party… There were too many Tories who thought of him as an unprincipled opportunist… His enemies detected in him a titanic egotism, a desire to find whatever wave or wavelet he could, and surf it long after it had dissolved into spume on the beach… He did behave with a death-defying self-belief, and go farther out on a limb than anyone else might have thought wise.’

Churchill won and lost many political battles, and spent long periods in the wilderness. Currency future definition He was fantastically talented in many different ways but also attracted all manner of mockery and abuse.

It’s what happens to many brilliant but polarising men (and women) who speak their mind, don’t mind who they upset, dare to be different and fly so close to the sun they get regularly singed by the scorching rays of those who never have the guts or desire to break out of the box marked: ‘Conventional’.

Boris has undeniably been brought down by large dollops of his own arrogance, hubris and sense of unvanquishable invincibility (I don’t, obviously, see any of these virtues as necessarily bad).

He’s also, though, been done in by those classic British traits of envy and fierce resentment of success, notably from within his own Conservative ranks.

As the drink flowed, one senior Tory MP took me aside and told me: ‘We’re going to CRUSH Boris into a mangled heap. Definition of currency appreciation He’s going to get f***ed, trust me. Currency valuation definition ‘Completely and comprehensively F***ED!’

Winston Churchill won and lost many political battles, and spent long periods in the wilderness. Denominated currency definition He was fantastically talented in many different ways but also attracted all manner of mockery and abuse

‘I began to feel totally hacked off with just being a journalist and I wanted to do something more meaningful,’ he replied. Economic definition of currency ‘I was blasting away at all these politicians and I just thought it might be the time to have a go at doing something myself rather than constantly unleashing the great guns on some minister all the time and going BOOM! BOOM! until eventually they crawl out of their foxhole and surrender, saying they can’t stand it anymore.’

This morning, the great guns turned on him and went BOOM! BOOM!. What is currency exchange definition Eventually, Boris crawled out of his own foxhole and surrendered because he couldn’t stand it anymore.

Mainstream and social media erupted with shock, amusement and ecstatic joy. Currency exchange market definition The BBC Newsnight office even boasted on Twitter that they all cheered as if a goal had been scored in a big football match.

Churchill described himself in a way which would surely be a spectacularly appropriate political epitaph for Boris too: ‘We are all worms, but I believe I’m a glow worm.’

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