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Kinda makes you wish the Scottish independence movement had got its act together after 2014 and actually been prepared for a second referendum… The assumption that Scotland is now just a matter of time away from independence is helpful in many ways but should not be taken as read. Definition of tendering process Many more questions than answers have emerged overnight.

Tendering for building contracts For example, it seems unlikely that sterling union is a feasible currency solution for an independence Scotland any more (at least not assuming it was seeking EU membership).

I can’t see there being any Scottish referendum any time before the EU secession negotiations are out of the way, a couple of years at minimum – but that is still very close indeed. Delta e tendering services And it is far too early to tell how this has affected the public mood. Tendering for nhs contracts What happens next with the UK economy and international relations will be crucial for what happens in Scotland. E tendering process But it does look like one step closer to an exit door from the UK. E tendering services Certainly, the Remain camp has almost willed Scotland out because of the kind of rhetoric it used during the campaign, making Scottish independence sound like the sensible option in the event of Brexit. Tenderingssee dinslaken Nothing can be taken for granted, but this is certainly not the result that unionists would have wanted. Competitive tendering definition It certainly puts independence in the driving seat.

But there is still a world of domestic issues to look at too. What is competitive tendering in procurement First, I don’t think I can see any kind of relationship between Scotland and the EU ongoing. Procurement and tendering for construction projects I just don’t think the EU is likely to be willing to discuss with a small part of what will soon be a non-member country. What is tendering process And I am pretty doubtful that the UK would allow Scotland to negotiate separate trade agreements. What is tendering process in procurement So we probably need to absorb the fact that Scotland is out. Process of tendering in construction This leaves two areas we need to think carefully about. Competitive tendering in construction The first is where are powers repatriated to. E tendering jobs The assumption that all powers move straight from Brussels to London needs to be fought – fishing, agriculture, competition law and so on are all areas Scotland should immediately be arguing to be repatriated to Scotland, not England. How to do e tendering And secondly, we need now to get out of our heads a lifetime of assumptions about what we can and can’t do. Online tendering system Remind yourself – there are now no EU state aid rules, no need for compulsory competitive tendering, no restrictive procurement rules, no restrictions on nationalisation and public ownership. What is e tendering system We can put a minimum price on alcohol without anyone’s permission.

And finally of course there is the ‘uncertainty’ problem – what’s going to happen to the economy, to currency value, to the human rights act. Tendering documents in court Will we face a sharp right-turn across Britain? Does this give life to Labour or does it end up uniting the Tories? And in all of this, does anyone south of the border really care about Scotland at all? Is Scotland even a major part of the calculation that takes place in UK politics? Perhaps this is the moment when England finally decides to be England and stops factoring us into its thinking. Tendering council All of this is unknown territory. Tendering process in zimbabwe There is much to be afraid of – and some opportunities to grasp. Government electronic tendering system This is a new world of complexity and those who understand and adapt fastest may be in a strong position.

It seems to me that what the Scottish Government should do is demand that they negotiate on behalf of the Scottish people the nation’s relationship with the European Union.

This should be based on the fact that Scotland is an existing part of the EU, in other words Scotland need not apply to join the Eurozone or the Schengen agreement which are conditions for new members of the EU.

In a sense it may be time to wait and see what opportunities the chaos throws up economically and socially and then judge whether to go for another referendum.

But we must not underestimate what has happened here. Tendering and procurement in construction This is a huge political crisis which will destroy the United Kingdom and I think has the potential to destroy the European Union.

Nicola Sturgeon announced this morning that another referendum is highly likely, so she must be confident that those who voted Yes in 2014 must do so again, and that a sizable new fraction of the public will be ready to endorse a cosmopolitan Scotland over an insular Britain.

These new independence voters will most likely be Remainers who were reluctant to back a ‘risky’ Yes vote in 2014: business leaders keen on financial companies relocating from an ostracized England so as to be better plugged into European markets; voluntary and third sector organisations reliant on European funding who will champion the case for a social Scotland in a social Europe.

By cultivating Scotland’s relationship with the EU, Nicola Sturgeon can garner new support for a outward-looking, migrant-welcoming, expert-driven nation.

But how far will this Scottish EU-topia resonate? It won’t draw support from the third of Scots voters who voted Leave as a radical act fuelled by frustration and faithlessness in political institutions. Selective tendering As the new case for independence is built around a merry social and economic consensus, who will represent those left out?

By optimistically promoting a Scotland that works in everyone’s interests, the SNP risks alienating people who are pessimistic due to the pressures of low wages, small pensions, high rents and disintegrating communities. Selective tendering process If the SNP fails to address the fears and material issues that drove many to vote Remain, it may even end up exacerbating them.

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