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Anjanelu Maruthi is ruing his fate. Direct line insurance contact The 42-year-old chilli farmer from Andhra Pradesh, recently lost a third of his crop because he kept this produce in the village godown instead of a cold storage warehouse. Direct insurance phone number “This is my worst nightmare. Premium direct car insurance I stored my produce in the godown of a local co-operative society.

Direct marketing insurance services The improper storage led to rotting of my chillies,” laments the distraught farmer.

Millions of farmers like Maruthi lose up to a third of their crop each year because they don’t have access to modern and scientific storage facility or lack real-time information about availability of space.

But now, National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited ( NCDEX), India’s leading commodities exchange and the largest platform for trading of agricultural commodities has come to the rescue of hapless farmers like Maruthi.

The exchange has launched an innovative and unique online Warehouse Space Reservation System ( WSR) to change the fate of farmers like Maruthi.

Anand Iyer, CTO of NCDEX along with his IT team took up the challenge to design a platform that would make it possible for all stakeholders in the physical commodity markets to conveniently book space in modern, safe and regulated godowns run by some of the biggest warehouse operators in the country.

He used a solution called Rapid Mobile Application Development (RMAD), created by US-based service provider Apps Freedom. A insurance direct This unique tool allows the development of a single unified app that can be downloaded from Apple Store, Google Playstore and Windows Store.

“Currently, there are only a handful of enterprises using the RMAD tool. Auto direct car insurance review uk Whenever you undertake a project of this magnitude, you generally have to employ three teams to develop native apps for each operating system. Direct insurance locations So the developmental cost is actually three times. Direct choice car insurance However, with RMAD, this complexity was much simplified,” says Anand Iyer, CTO, NCDEX.

The WSR app was developed and implemented at marathon speed. Direct insurance group Iyer and his team rolled it out in six weeks across the three platforms with a team of only three developers.

A first-of-its-kind initiative, NCDEX’s online Warehouse Space Reservation System (WSR) allows registered customers of the Exchange to view and book warehouse space online and while-on-the-go. Direct auto insurance locations Depositors can check availability and book space in their warehouse of choice with a click from the convenience of their home, office or even right from the field through smart phones.

The system brings relief to depositors who experience long waiting periods outside warehouses during peak harvest season and find it difficult to locate empty warehouses.

Using WSR, farmers such as Anjanelu Maruthi shall be able to locate and book an appropriate warehouse, well in time to adequately store their agricultural produce and thus seek a better price for their produce. One direct car insurance contact number More than one million tonnes of agricultural produce is stored annually in the network of 466 warehouses accredited by the Exchange.

“Certain agricultural commodities are perishable and by the time you get to store it, a small percentage of the produce has already perished. Direct auto insurance contact number WSR system helps fix this with just-in-time management,” reasons Iyer.

“If a farmer knows that he is going to harvest his crop next week, then he is better off booking the warehouse space today itself. Auto direct car insurance It’s almost like booking a movie ticket. 1 direct insurance You know there’s a much awaited release so you do an advance booking and it gives you a peace of mind,” he adds.

At the backend of this functionality is integration within COMTRAC, the Exchange’s proprietary electronic commodity accounting system. Canadian direct insurance vancouver bc The facility is also available on the ‘NCDEX-Markets’ mobile app through the ‘Book-My-Warehouse’ tab. Online direct insurance NCDEX-Markets app is available on Apple Store, Google Playstore and Windows Store.

Though the app is primarily targeted towards farmers, other players in the agricultural value chain will also benefit from this facility. Canadian direct insurance reviews The WSR system will change old habits of crop storage and help to raise farmer incomes, thereby bringing both macro and micro economic benefits. Direct insurance contact Needless to say, it will strengthen the country’s resilience in agricultural output.

With a booking window open from 10:00 A. Direct auto insurance careers M. Doctors direct insurance to 12:30 P.M, the WSR system permits reservation of space for up to 500 MT per warehouse in a day thereby giving an equal opportunity to every depositor. Phone number for direct auto insurance Clients are allowed to initiate a ‘wait list’ request in case of non-availability of space in their select warehouse. M direct insurance Furthermore, embedded email alerts help clients keep track of their booking status.

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