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WASHINGTON — Reports of soaring Obamacare rate hikes couldn’t have come at a worse time for down-ticket Democrats in states like Pennsylvania, where races are close and some insurers are looking to raise premiums by double digits for customers buying plans through insurance exchanges.

“It’s coming very late in the game, where people have pretty much made up their minds” on the presidential race, said Republican strategist Charlie Gerow of Harrisburg. Auto direct insurance contact number “It probably carries more weight down-ballot than at the top,” — and in the Senate race “it’s potentially explosive.”

Over the past four Sundays the Post-Gazette has explored Mr. Auto direct insurance reviews Toomey’s and Ms. Canadian direct auto insurance calgary McGinty’s approaches to energy policy, environmental regulation, foreign affairs and Supreme Court confirmations.

Canadian direct insurance vs icbc Today we turn our attention to their positions on President Obama’s signature domestic policy: the Affordable Care Act.

“It has become a complete disaster” and the news of upcoming rate hikes is more evidence of that, said Mr. Call direct line car insurance from abroad Toomey, who has supported efforts to repeal the legislation.

“I don’t think you can fix it within the existing framework because it is based on a fundamental flaw, which was not putting voters in charge of their health-care but letting bureaucrats decide what you are permitted to buy, what you are not allowed to buy and who can compete for it,” he said. Canadian direct insurance claims “Health-care is a very personal decision that should be made by moms and dads sitting at their kitchen table.”

He said there are parts of the Affordable Care Act that are good, such as a provision that allows young adults to stay on their parents’ insurance plans until age 26. Flux direct car insurance number But, Mr. Canadian direct auto insurance reviews Toomey said, that’s a good change that could have been created through competition within the market, not by government mandate.

“If we had a really robust competitive market that allowed competition across state lines … then insurance companies would use popular features as a way of getting business,” Mr. Direct auto insurance call center Toomey said. Canadian direct insurance contact “GM doesn’t have to be required to put a radio in the car. Call direct line car insurance They put the radio in the car because people want a radio in the car.”

Ms. What is direct insurance McGinty said the senator’s idea to open national markets is misguided and ultimately costly because it would lead to consolidation, mergers and monopolies.

“You’d end up with just one or two players in the marketplace and that kills competition and that would drive costs up,” she said. Open and direct car insurance newtownards “I’m open-minded to any idea that would legitimately reduce costs, but I’m not sure that idea passes the test.”

He would encourage renewability of plans in order to prevent consumers from losing coverage if their care gets too expensive. Direct insurance hours He would create a subsidized high-risk pool for people with the highest medical needs. Phone number for direct general insurance He would encourage groups other than employers — such as churches and civic organizations — to band together into insurance pools that buy coverage together.

He would require reports on hospital and doctor performance so patients can choose quality providers. Direct line car insurance number He would reform the medical malpractice system in order to reduce providers’ liability and cut down on the number of tests and procedures “performed mainly to minimize legal risks.” And he would uncouple health insurance from standard employment packages so people can change jobs without worrying about coverage.

She believes the Affordable Care Act is built on a solid foundation that just needs tweaking. Auto direct home insurance contact If Mr. Direct line car insurance contact number uk Toomey was capable of making those changes, she said, he would have done it already during his six years in the senate.

“Voters are looking for people who are going to go in and fix and solve problems,” Ms. Call hastings direct car insurance McGinty said. Canadian direct insurance ontario “The cost of health-care is not affordable and we’ve got to fix the problems and shortcomings of the Affordable Care Act on an urgent basis.”

Her plan centers on authorizing the government to use its purchasing power to negotiate the price of drugs with pharmaceutical companies in order to drive down costs. Direct car insurance phone number Such negotiation is currently banned by the Medicare Modernization Act. Auto direct uk car insurance She also would work to enable negotiations over the cost of medical devices such as wheelchairs and walkers.

Mr. Direct travel insurance contact number Toomey said the only way to achieve significant cost savings is to remove expensive drugs from coverage under government plans, and that wouldn’t do much to bring down the cost of insurance, which is the core complaint about Obamacare.

“It would be a significant step in the direction of bringing costs down,” she said. Quote direct insurance “We spend more than any other country in the world for the same drugs.”

Ms. Direct line insurance reviews McGinty also supports a new payment system that rewards providers based on outcomes rather than the number of expensive tests and procedures they perform.

Consider “the variety of surgeries, the variety of x-rays, the variety of CT scans that they order. United direct insurance That’s what they get financially rewarded for. Direct insurance reviews This is about saying ‘Wait a minute. Direct auto insurance payment Is that really what we want to do or are we really interested in a healthy patient?’ So shouldn’t we reward on the basis of outcomes?”

Ms. Call direct insurance McGinty also proposes giving patients more coverage options for care in the home or the community rather than more expensive in-patient medical facilities.

“There are common-sense things we can do. Direct insurance corporate office What’s unacceptable is Pat Toomey’s approach to just taking this coverage away from millions of people and putting insurance companies totally back in charge,” she said.

Ms. One call direct car insurance reviews McGinty isn’t changing her campaign messaging based on the news of upcoming rate hikes, but Republicans are already starting to capitalize on it in new ads launched last week. National direct insurance American Rising PAC was quick to air a commercial that juxtaposes news clips about rising premiums with sound bites of Ms. Auto direct insurance contact McGinty and other Democrats praising the Affordable Care Act.

News of the rate hikes “comes late in the game, but it’s gift-wrapped for Toomey,” and it will be difficult for Ms. Professionals direct insurance company McGinty to minimize the fallout, Mr. Nj direct insurance Gerow said. Direct auto insurance phone number “She’s tied at the hip to the Obama administration. Western direct auto insurance She’ll have to live with that.”

Political scientists expect conservative PACS like the Senate Leadership Fund, which just announced a new $5.2 million investment in the Toomey race, are likely to try to capitalize on the Obamacare premium hikes in advertising leading up to the election.

“They’re going to be looking for ways to spend that money,” said Adam McGlynn, associate professor of political science at East Stroudsburg University. Direct life insurance carriers “Republicans could use it to remind voters this election isn’t just about Trump. Auto direct insurance number There are issues at stake,” and House and Senate races matter.

Although it’s a direct pocketbook issue for voters, it only affects a small percentage of people, and in many cases increases in federal subsidies will offset the higher prices.

Pennsylvania Democratic strategist Larry Ceisler downplayed the effect of premium hikes on the election, saying anyone who was skeptical of the Affordable Care Act in the beginning was going to vote for Mr. Hastings direct car insurance number Toomey anyway.

“I think feelings about the ACA are baked in at this point,” he said. Direct car insurance number “If people do consider it, chances are they’ll go a little deeper into the issue and find that only 7 percent of the population is affected, and if they get their insurance through [Medicare or their employers] they aren’t affected.”

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