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As the importance of internet connectivity in day-to-day life grows, many rural customers still lack a connection sufficient to stream videos and download large files. High profit shares In some cases, they do not have a connection at all.

While government programs have invested millions into grants to help reach the “last mile” of customers in need of reliable internet service, private businesses are deploying a variety of models to increase profit margins by reaching difficult customers.

In Central Virginia, several companies are using public-private partnerships and existing infrastructure and leveraging contracts with the public sector to add customers and increase coverage in rural areas.

SCS Broadband, based in Nelson County, has been steadily growing its footprint by working with localities to identify problem areas in need of coverage.

“A big part of what we do is understand what a county’s needs are,” SCS Broadband CEO Lon Whelchel said. High profit crafts “We want to understand what their projections for growth are so we can help meet their broadband needs.”

By broadcasting internet wirelessly from towers instead of relying on more expensive fiber, SCS says it cuts costs but not speed. Low cost high profit business In order to make it cost-effective to find tall structures from which to broadcast, Whelcel said the company works with counties to put transmitters on county-owned towers, such as emergency-services towers, water towers or silos.

“In the past, the challenge has been the vertical assets have been just too expensive for a small company like ours to go in and deliver to the few residents around the tower, but many counties are working with us with their vertical assets,” he said. Low cost high profit shares “It’s just a combination of different resources to be able to get into an area at a low cost.”

In Bedford’s Montvale area, SCS teamed up with Bedford County and the nonprofit Mid-Atlantic Broadband Cooperative to put up a tower to broadcast wireless internet access that is almost ready to begin broadcasting. Small business with high profit margin in india In order to bring service to the area, the county used Mid-Atlantic’s 1,800-mile open-access fiber network that crisscrosses Virginia’s Southside.

Mid-Atlantic will provide the tower and fiber connectivity, Bedford County will provide the land and $50,000 toward the construction, and SCS will provide service to the residents.

Bedford County Administrator Carl Boggess emphasized the importance of such partnerships to bring more wireless broadband coverage to rural areas.

“I don’t know if it’s going to happen without some kind of public partnership,” he said. Low investment high profit business in kerala “In some areas where you’re more urban, your cable companies can take care of that, but when you get into a rural area you can’t do it with cable. High profit agriculture business in india You’re going to have to do it with wireless.”

Bedford hopes to add 7,800 addresses through the Montvale pilot program, and if it works Bedford will look at entering into similar partnerships to extend service to Big Island and Huddleston, according to the Bedford CountyEconomic Development office.

“The big thing is that a lot of local governments are struggling to find ways to get broadband to their residents and businesses,” Whelchel said. Businesses with high profit margins “It’s kind of refreshing now, because counties are realizing that it’s not an easy task for companies to come in and provide it, so they’re being very open to businesses coming in and helping get people connected.”

In a different kind of partnership, Shentel is using contracts servicing public schools and government buildings to grow its fiber network and add customers. Low value high profit shares The company has contracts with Amherst, Giles, Franklin and Bedford counties to provide internet access for their school systems.

By connecting sometimes remote schools and their administration buildings to fiber, Shentel is able to map routes to bring its fiber network to residential and business customers in need of high-speed internet.

“We use what we have, build what we don’t, and we justify it by saying, ‘What route can we take that will get us past the most businesses?’” said Craig Venable, Shentel’s director of fiber sales. Business with less investment and high profit “We’re able to do these builds by leveraging them not just for the schools but looking for other business opportunities. Profit margin high or low It helps the community, because by winning these deals we can bring high-speed internet to businesses that are stuck on slower speeds.”

According to Venable, Shentel uses advanced technology to make expanding its fiber network cost-effective and create reliable networks for schools to meet their increasing demand for internet.

“[Schools] have growing network needs because they’re adopting ‘bring your own device’ policies and they’re doing a lot more streaming of video for remote learning,” Venable said. Low capital high profit business ideas “There’s a lot more applications in the cloud that the schools want access to. Retail business with high profit margin The demand from the schools is going to continue growing as all of those things are coming together.”

On the other hand, Lumos Networks is slowly replacing their existing network of copper wire networks left over from the company’s start as a phone company in 1897 with fiber optics to increase speeds. Low investment high profit business ideas in india For new construction projects, Lumos is partnering with developers to include all fiber directly to homes, but for harder-to-reach rural customers, such as in parts of Bedford, they are installing fiber part of the way to bring up the bandwidth available to customers and keep costs down.

“We have been decreasing the amount of copper in the network to increase speeds,” said Diego Anderson, senior vice president and general manager of residential and small business for Lumos. Retail products with high profit margins “Even if we don’t get the fiber all the way out to the rural areas, by bringing the fiber closer it still makes their speeds faster and brings more value to our customers.”

Anderson said as customers begin to use more devices in the home, it’s important to grow the bandwidth in homes so people can stay connected.

“The bottom line is the need for broadband is very relevant based on how customers are going to need to connect to get information as you add more and more devices into the home,” he said.

In the Alleghany Highlands near Covington, Lumos completed a Rural Utility Services project sponsored by the U.S. High profit business with low investment Department of Agriculture to bring broadband to 5,300 customers who previously had no access at all.

Begun in 2010 and completed in 2015, the project cost $16 million. High profit business india In order to get those far-flung customers online, Lumos has put to use the copper wire phone network already installed in the area to connect to the internet.

“Previously these customers could only get phone service, but now they can get data and video over these lines,” Anderson said. Low budget high profit business in india “As a broadband partner we’re doing our part to build out broadband and fulfill that need of providing it to our consumers and address what our shareholders are looking for.”

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