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The problems with our health-care system date back 70 years. Access direct insurance Before the passage of Obamacare’s 2,400 pages of coercive mandates and profligate spending, the federal government had already largely wrecked the market for individually purchased insurance, in three interconnected ways. First car direct insurance First, it had effectively established two different health insurance markets—employer-based and individually purchased—by treating them differently in the tax code. Canadian direct insurance Second, it had given an attractive tax break for employer-based insurance while denying it for individually purchased insurance (except for the self-employed).

Direct insurance number Third, having effectively split the market in two while favoring the employer-based side, it had made it hard for people to move from the employer-based market to the individual market, as it had allowed insurers to treat previously covered conditions as “preexisting.”

A popular conservative alternative, then, would repeal every word of Obamacare while fixing this longstanding inequity in the tax code. Direct general insurance reviews Indeed, the order is somewhat reversed: With a popular conservative alternative in play—one designed to fix the longstanding inequity in the tax code—Obamacare is ripe for full repeal.

One, it would not change the tax treatment of the typical employer-based plan. Insurance direct autos The notion of changing the tax treatment of the typical American’s employer-based plan is an idea without a constituency. Direct choice insurance reviews A popular conservative alternative would avoid this obvious political pitfall.

Two, it would close the tax loophole in the employer-based market—which says the more you spend (on insurance), the more you save (in taxes). Canadian direct insurance inc It would do so by capping the employer-based exclusion at something like $20,000 for a family plan and $8,000 for an individual plan. Pay direct auto insurance online (Those with, say, a $22,000 family plan would still get the full tax break on the first $20,000, just not on the last $2,000.) There’s no way to justify an open-ended tax break in the employer-based market without having an open-ended—or any—tax break in the individual market. Direct insurance services (At the same time, closing a tax loophole is a very different thing from imposing a new tax, like Obamacare’s “Cadillac tax.” Under that punitive tax, a janitor with, say, a 10 percent marginal income-tax rate would get hit with the same 40 percent tax on expensive health insurance as the company’s CEO.)

Three, it would provide a long-overdue tax break to everyone in the individual market—in the form of a tax credit. Dial direct insurance contact details A refundable income-tax credit (rather than a deduction) is necessary to pave the way to Obamacare’s repeal. Direct canada insurance Otherwise (to give just one example), a family of five in Milwaukee, with 57-year-old parents and an income of $30,000, would lose more than $20,000 annually in Obamacare subsidies and get nothing in return (because they pay no income tax).

Four, this tax credit would really be a tax credit, not a direct subsidy to insurance companies. Western direct insurance Obamacare’s direct subsidies to insurance companies are not tax credits—for when the federal government pays money to an insurer on someone’s behalf, that doesn’t lower anyone’s taxes. Direct auto insurance number People should pay their own bills, not have the government pay their bills for them, “single payer”-style. Motor direct insurance Imagine if instead of having a mortgage interest deduction, the government simply paid (some portion of) people’s mortgage payments for them. Direct insurance claims That’s how Obamacare operates. Western canadian direct insurance A genuine tax credit, in contrast, would provide a tax cut for most and a tax refund for others.

Five, this tax credit wouldn’t be income-tested and hence wouldn’t pick winners and losers. Direct one insurance Obamacare is all about picking winners and losers, whereas a conservative alternative would focus on fixing the inequity in the tax code for all Americans. Metropolitan direct auto insurance address The employer-based tax break isn’t income-tested, so if an alternative is going to fix the inequity in the tax code, the individual-market tax break cannot be income-tested either. Direct auto insurance commercial Moreover, income-testing a tax credit is plainly overkill. Auto direct insurance quote Because it is a flat amount—and hence is far more valuable to those who are poorer than those who are better-off—a tax credit is already quite progressive, while income-testing it would make it hyper-progressive. Direct insurance company claims Income-testing it would also provide work-disincentives, increase the role of the IRS, needlessly complicate matters, impose marriage penalties, and make it play on Obamacare’s turf. Phone number for dial direct car insurance In marked contrast, a non-income-tested alternative would give millions of middle-class Americans, including upper-middle-class Americans, the long-overdue tax break they deserve.

Six, this alternative would provide a one-time, $1,000-per-person tax credit to anyone who has, or opens, a health savings account. Auto direct car insurance contact number This would help jump-start the use of HSAs, thereby putting more people in control of their own health-care dollars and encouraging them to shop for value, while making it easier for them to cover the out-of-pocket costs of care.

Seven, it would provide commonsense consumer protections that don’t undermine the whole notion of insurance. Aig direct insurance services inc For example, someone who is insured by an employer and then shifts to individually purchased insurance couldn’t be charged more for a condition that he or she had covered under the prior plan. Direct online insurance uk And those who turn 18 and/or move off of their parents’ insurance would have a one-time buy-in period during which time they couldn’t be charged more for a preexisting condition that may or may not have been covered under their parents’ policy. Canada direct insurance At the same time, people couldn’t just wait around until they’re sick and then buy “insurance” (except through state-run high-risk pools), any more than someone can wait until his or her house burns down and then buy homeowners insurance to cover the existing damage.

Eight, this alternative would save roughly $1 trillion in federal spending versus Obamacare. Candian direct insurance Given Obamacare’s ten-year gross cost of $1.9 trillion (per the Congressional Budget Office— see table 3), almost all of which is in the form of spending (not tax cuts), this goal should be achievable. Direct insurance careers Scoring by the nonpartisan Center for Health and Economy (H&E) finds that it would be.

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