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Finding a 15 month balance transfer card is like finding a ticket to freedom from high interest mounting debt. Best bank for isa interest rates If you understand and comply by the terms, these credit cards will consolidate your debts and give you the opportunity to pay it down without the burden of interest. Bank deposit interest rates in india Consider the terms of the offer and compare it to other credit cards with similar promotions to ensure that you’re using the right debt consolidation strategy for you. Bankrate savings interest rates Compare Balance Transfer Credit Cards today

New customers who apply for a 15 month balance transfer credit card will get the full functions that you find with any card, with the bonus of a long term, low interest, debt consolidation offer. Best bank interest rates in the world When you apply you will be requested to provide any relevant information regarding the debt you wish to transfer.

Bank interest rates india In most cases the debt can be from credit or charge cards, but usually can’t be from an existing account with the same bank. Saving bank interest rates hdfc If approved, the bank will then make arrangements to have those balances transferred to your new account.

Upon approval, you will have the benefit of not being charged any to that particular debt for 15 months. Which bank best interest rates Since you are not accumulating more debt in interest, ideally, you should find it easier to pay it down. Interest rates on bank deposits All balance transfers come with terms and conditions (including the amount you can transfer), so make sure to consider these before applying. Corporation bank loan interest rates Depending on the card you choose and how you use it, a balance transfer can be a worthwhile way to reduce your debts. Bank fd interest rates 2014 How can I compare 15 month balance transfer credit cards?

Not only should you be looking at the specific terms of a 15 month balance transfer offer, you need to consider the other features of the credit card in order to determine its benefit to you. Us bank interest rates on credit cards Look at the following points carefully, and compare them between different cards before making a final choice:

• Length of low rate offer. Not all debt consolidation offers are at 15 months. Indian bank interest rates on fixed deposits 2014 Ensure that the interest-free period you are given is sufficient for paying down your debt.

• Revert rate. Check to see what the interest rate reverts to once the 15 month period ends. Latest bank interest rates With some cards it will be the purchase rate, while with others it will revert to a higher cash withdrawal rate.

• Standard rate. Credit cards typically come with two interest rates, one for your purchases and one for when you make any cash withdrawal. Current bank loan interest rates This is a feature that you should compare carefully if you plan on using your credit card for financial transactions as well as the balance transfer offer.

• Transfer amount. You will be allocated a portion of your available balance for debt consolidation. Bank account interest rates australia This could be as high as 95%, but in some cases can go as low as 80% of your available balance.

Annual fees, high revert rates and a limit on the amount of money you can transfer are all features of a 15 month balance transfer credit card that can hurt you if you don’t carefully choose the one with suitable terms for you.

However the primary drawback to a long-term balance transfer credit card is that it is not ideal for making purchases or cash withdrawals. What are bank savings interest rates Since 2012, credit card companies are obligated to follow a certain hierarchy regarding how payments are directed. Corporation bank interest rates on recurring deposit All repayments are first applied to the items on the statement that attract the highest interest rate, which are usually cash advances. Bank interest rates in india Next will be standard purchases and fees, before any payments can be applied to your interest-free balance transfer. What are bank interest rates Unless you are prepared to clear your monthly balance and make an additional payment towards the consolidation debt, that debt will never go down if you use the card for purchases and advances.

Not even interest-free days on purchases will save you, as most credit cards that offer this feature only allow it if there is no additional balance on the card, and the balance is paid completely in full by the statement due date.

Using a balance transfer credit cardJane was approved for a 15 month balance transfer credit card, and was able to consolidate $10,000 of her debt onto one card with no interest. Corporate bank interest rates With a new credit card in her wallet, she thinks there can be no harm in finally buying that $500 television she has had her eye on. Fixed deposit interest rates in indian bank 2013 Especially when her new credit card features 55 interest-free days.

Jane did not read the fine print, and does not realise that with an outstanding balance, she does not qualify for interest-free days. Bankrate mortgage rates graph Not only that, but her payments will not make it to her balance transfer amount. Federal bank fd interest rates 2014 If she continues this way, then no progress will be made towards bringing that balance down before the special interest-free offer ends.

A 15 month balance transfer credit card definitely has its advantages, but only if you use it right. Us bank interest rates car loan Compare your various options carefully against your spending habits to make sure that this is the right product for you. Fixed deposit interest rates in indian bank for senior citizens Back to top How can I apply for a balance transfer credit card?

How you apply will depend on the bank and credit card you have chosen after doing your research. Best online bank interest rates Still, there are some standards that most banks follow during the application process regarding eligibility:

• Residential status. Bank interest rates 2014 Whether or not the offer is available to Australian residents only will be of special concern to those who are living in Australia with a temporary work or student visa.

Ideally, you want to go for the balance transfer promotional terms that’s going to allow you to repay the balance while it’s charged at the promotional rate of interest. Current bank interest rates in india After the promotional period, the balance transfer balance will be charged at the cash advance and the purchase rate of interest, you can find out more about this through the above link.

At the end of the promotional period, you can also transfer the balance to another card again. Canara bank interest rates for fixed deposits You can do this as many time as you’re approved for a new credit card and as long as you’re not transferring the balance between two cards offered by the same or related institutions.

Hi Dylan. Saraswat bank interest rates 2014 Thanks for your question. Interest rates on bank fixed deposits Do you mean that you’re looking to apply for an ANZ credit card, and you want to transfer the balance (approx. Bank deposit interest rates calculator $10K) to the new ANZ credit card if approved, and you want to know what your chances of being able to transfer the entire balance from the existing cards to the new ANZ card (ANZ let you transfer up to 95% of your approved credit limit)? When you open a new credit card account with a limit, you’re basically taking on more debt / opportunity to debt – this in turn reduces the ratio of assets / income to liabilities / expenses. Current bank interest rates The higher your debt / expenses the less credit you’ll get on your new card. Highest bank interest rates canada Looking at my own situation. Typical bank savings interest rates I was approved for a card in 2012 for $13,000. Icici bank interest rates for fixed deposits Later that year I applied for an ANZ credit card and the maximum they could give me was $9,000. South indian bank interest rates on fixed deposits 2014 Imagine if I applied for another credit card, my borrowing capacity would be reduced again, and I would only be eligible for a lower limit than the previous two. All bank interest rates on fixed deposits 2013 You may want to consider speaking to a lender directly. Bank of india fixed deposit interest rates 2014 calculator They won’t be able to tell you what you’ll limit you’ll get, but they may be able to provide a ball-park figure. Lloyds bank interest rates on savings accounts Hope this makes sense to you and has answered your question. Icici bank fd interest rates 2014 Please let me know if there’s anything else you would like to know. Rd bank interest rates Jacob.

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